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Java Web Development Services and Consulting

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"The Austin Michael "hands-on team" represented more than an "eyes & ears" operation, this team had the insight and experience required to guide us through our own disaster recovery plan."
-Scott Baetz, AdminInternet
Java web development and developers.

Java Web Development and Consulting

Custom Web Solutions

The professional Java developers at Austin Michael Internet Solutions have the experience and skill to take your java web development project to new heights. For more than a decade, we have focussed on using Java programming platforms to provide enterprise class java programming services. Such platforms include:

Apache Tomcat Developers

No matter your location or project, we have the expertise and talent you need. No part of your project will ever be outsourced so you can rest assured that continuity of your application and relationship with its developers will be maintained and of the highest quality.

Existing Toolkits

Eclipse IDE ProgrammersOne of Java's greatest strengths is its reusibility. By working on our internal projects such as CommuniSite and CommuniCart and other customer projects we have developed a large library of Java code that we can bring to any project. Our largest Java libraries include content management systems, ecommerce, real estate MLS systems, image editing and more. Why pay to reinvent the wheel?

Flexible Pricing

Don't be nickeled and dimed for your project.
Austin Michael delivers fixed quotes with flexible payment schedules and precise code delivery.

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Example Customer Projects

TradePMR is a quickly growing discount financial brokerage that contracted Austin Michael to build a web application to facilitate the generation of portfolio performance reports, recording of management fees and a multitude of other tasks. Reports were generated in real time and delivered via web, PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Faulkner Media takes online learning to new heights with interactive student courseware, online videos and online test and practice work submission. Austin Michael wrote the web interface and business logic to facilitate those activities as well as their online store, chat server, student forums and more. With tens of thousands of students each semester they are setup with a mutli-server deployment in our Gainesville hosting facility. provides legal document generation services. Austin Michael programmed a website that allows management to create legal documents on the fly that their customers can complete and have the PDF emailed to them after making payment.