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"The Austin Michael "hands-on team" represented more than an "eyes & ears" operation, this team had the insight and experience required to guide us through our own disaster recovery plan."
-Scott Baetz, AdminInternet
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Custom Programming

Launch Your New Web Venture

Do you have an idea for a great new web service but need help to implement it? Austin Michael is here for you. We offer experienced custom programming services to businesses of all sizes. Utilizing the latest development techniques and Web 2.0 technologies we can make your idea a reality.

Enhance Your Existing Business

Today, web sites are changing from online brochures to an interative interface for your customers and associates to conduct business. New technologies enable businesses to take a webcentric approach to corporate databases, payroll systems, inventory management and e-commerce. Such advances allow companies to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. As the Internet continues its evolution, consumers are becoming more reliant on web technologies for their day to day purchases, and businesses are coming to expect their suppliers and partners to deploy web commerce solutions.

Java Web Development

Austin Michael's team of programmers focus primarily in developing for the Java platform which allows great benefits such as security, reusability and platform independance. Please click here for more information.

Sample Custom Programming Portfolio

TradePMR is a quickly growing discount financial brokerage that contracted Austin Michael to build a web application to facilitate the generation of portfolio performance reports, recording of management fees and a multitude of other tasks. Reports were generated in real time and delivered via web, PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Faulkner Media takes online learning to new heights with interactive student courseware, online videos and online test and practice work submission. Austin Michael wrote the web interface and business logic to facilitate those activities as well as their online store, chat server, student forums and more. With tens of thousands of students each semester they are setup with a mutli-server deployment in our Gainesville hosting facility.

ABC Appletree specializes in tutoring hundreds of students across all of North Central Florida. Austin Michael developed a system to manage their tutors, track student progress and submit progress reports to parents and the State of Florida education system for funding. provides legal document generation services. Austin Michael programmed a website that allows management to create legal documents on the fly that their customers can complete and have the PDF emailed to them after making payment.

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