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"The Austin Michael "hands-on team" represented more than an "eyes & ears" operation, this team had the insight and experience required to guide us through our own disaster recovery plan."
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Barracuda AntiSpam / AntiVirus Mail Filtering Service

barracuda spam filter firewall serviceFilter Out the Junk

The Barracuda AntiSpam filtering service from Austin Michael is your first line of defense against viruses that criple your computers and junk mail that bloats your mail server. Whether your mail server is hosted with us or somewhere else on the Internet you can provide professional quality spam and virus removal services to your end users.

Infinitely Configurable

The Barracuda Firewall can by default eliminate most of your unwanted email, but it can also be configured specifically to each user's account preferences allowing for quarantined mail, individual spam scoring, whitelists and blacklists and Bayesian statistical analysis.