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CommuniCart shopping cart and ecommerce system

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CommuniCart Features and Benefits

Shared Catalog

CommuniCart shared catalog ecommerce feature improves customer relationshipsAre you a vendor or distributor who wishes to provide your resellers with a dynamic, electronic and automatically synchronizing product catalog?

Are you a reseller who wants to spend less time entering data and more time selling?

The Shared Catalog is for you.

The Shared Catalog feature allows vendors to publish their product catalogs electronically for their resellers. The vendor has total control over who can connect to their product catalog and what they can see. The reseller can then enter their credentials into CommuniCart and start syncing instantly.

Open Standards

A vendor can publish their product catalog to resellers who do not use CommuniCart. A reseller can synchronize with a vendor who does not use CommuniCart. This is possible through the use of open standards and protocols. The vendor's catalog is published using the CommuniCart Customer Service web service, an open platform-independant SOAP service provided for your customers.

The reseller's synchronization routine is modular. A module can be written for any Internet reachable information system the vendor provides, including parsing the vendor's website. Synchronization runs automatically each night and the reseller can control what information gets updated.

Use CommuniCart to synchronize with your vendor's shared catalog

Of course, it all works best with both vendor and reseller are CommuniCart customers. Sign up today!