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CommuniCart shopping cart and ecommerce system

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The Best Solution for You

CommuniCart is a Hosted Shopping Cart Solution or Application Service Provider (ASP). There are many benefits to using a hosted solution as opposed to Non-ASP solutions. Non-ASP shopping carts include free (Open-Source) and out of the box (Downloadable) systems. These ecommerce solutions do not provide any hosting services and typically have hardware / platform requirements, not to mention the tremendous infrastructure investment and maintenance requirements ie. databases and language runtime systems, etc. When updates or enhancements become available, the store keeper must download and install them, if they are even aware of them. CommuniCart takes all of these worries out of your hands and allows you to concentrate on your business instead of trying to operate cumbersome software.

We Take Care of Everything

CommuniCart ensures speedy implementation, inclusive security, regular automatic and free software upgrades, maintenance free environment and easy data management from anywhere. This means you can be at a trade show, conference or anywhere you have an internet connection and manage your store, ring up sales and process credit card transactions easily. CommuniCart is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who have neither the desire nor resources to employ an entire IT department. CommuniCart proves to be less expensive, easier, less risky and frees up more of your time to run your business. This is a big plus for business owners.

Free Store Development

Your first month of CommuniCart is FREE in order to give you time to get your store built the way you want it.

When you invest in CommuniCart you are paying for an entire infrastructure loaded with valuable features and built upon years of development.

Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of using CommuniCart as opposed to a non-ASP system:

CommuniCart non-ASP Shopping Carts
Hosting / Infrastructure Provided and Managed by CommuniCart Installed on a Server and Maintained by you
Pricing $49.95 per Month Expensive one time License Fee, Plus Upgrade Costs
Start-Up Cost Low If open-source then Free however Much configuration, customization, etc but otherwise High
Software Upgrades Free with new automatic upgrades coming regularly Usually Paid with Manual Installation on your part
Infrastructure Investment None Significant
Speed of Implementation Usually within 2-3 days Weeks or Months depending on how much time you have to spend on it
Responsibility for Store Uptime CommuniCart is up 99.8% Rests on you
Additional CommuniCart Features
Product reviews Have customers rate and discuss your products. This instills customer confidence and increases your sales
Search Engine Friendly URL's Each page has unique meta information to increase your ranking
Coupon Support You can issue coupons for your customers to get a special coupon discount
Testimonials This is a very powerful tool. People like to see what others thought about their shopping experience and will be more inclined to return
Quantity Pricing You can easily and quickly offer quantity discounts on single products, multiple products or the whole store
Unlimited Products You can list as many products as you want for the same low price
Powerful discount system Offer discounts for an Individual Customer or Customer Groups, promotional codes etc. CommuniCart's Pricing System is among the Best you will find
Related products and cross-selling Suggestive selling; People who bought this product also bought these other products
Multiple Photos per Product When you upload a photo of a product a thumbnail is also automatically generated, reducing your work
Automatic Photo Resizing You don't need to concern yourself with the size of pictures you upload; CommuniCart takes care of that for you. If you want to upload video then CommuniCart will even select a frame from that video and create a thumbnail picture for you
Inventory Control A powerful Inventory Control system is in place to alert you when stock gets low, when and how much to reorder and is completely customizable by you
Customer Accounts CommuniCart keeps detailed records of your customers and what they bought. This helps you in esbablishing new and improved discounting strategies

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