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CommuniCart shopping cart and ecommerce system

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CommuniCart FAQs

How many different products can I sell online with CommuniCart?

CommuniCart allows you to list as many products as you want. No limits on products or variations of products.

I don't know how to take credit cards online, can CommuniCart do that for me?

Yes. Communicart is integrated with over 50 payment gateways and handles all credit card processing for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best; selling your products.

Do I need a SSL certificate to use CommuniCart?

No. CommuniCart takes care of that for you.

How am I paid?

When you sell a product through CommuniCart, the money is deposited into your merchant account automatically.

How do I know how much to charge for shipping?

CommuniCart is fully integrated with UPS, FedEx, USPS and other carriers so your shipping rates are calculated on the fly for you. In addition, you do have control over how your shipping is figured.

Do I need to pay sales tax when I sell online?

Most states require sales tax to be collected if your customers reside in the state you operate in. Sales tax setup is very flexible. You can set sales tax by zip, state, country, etc. Individual items or customers can be marked as tax exempt.

Can I get a report of all my online sales?

Yes. There are tools in your admin section to give you detailed reports of sales and customers.

What if I need help?

There are numerous Online Video Tutorials at CommuniCart to assist you in your setup. We can also be reached via email or telephone.

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees to start using CommuniCart and one of the pre existing site designs available. If you would like use to create a custom look for your site we will quote that option to you.

Who will be hosting my store?

CommuniCart is an application service provider meaning we will host your shopping cart on our extremely reliable dedicated servers. When you are with CommuniCart your store will have a guaranteed 99.8% uptime with daily backups.

CommuniCart is actually more affordable, reliable and secure than hosting your own store.

When you calculate the cost of:
  • hosting
  • security
  • managing uptime
  • downloading patches
  • adding upgrades
  • fixing bugs
  • doing search engine optimisation
  • receiving up to date advice
  • paying for a payment gateway
You will see that CommuniCart will save you money.
In addition, as new features become available you will benefit from them and will be notified via update notes on your admin screen.

How much does the monthly service cost?

With all of the services and features CommuniCart provides you pay only $49.95 per month...Thats it!

Are there any transaction charges?

Different payment gateways have different transaction charges. Typically the transaction charge varies from ??? to ??? but CommuniSite does not charge transaction fees.

Is there any HTML knowledge required to set up my Store?

You don't need any HTML knowledge to use the CommuniCart shopping cart software. You do not need to understand HTML or other programming languages to build or maintain your store. If you can operate a word processor you can operate CommuniCart!